If your looking for a senior developer with 30+ years of experience then look no further. I'm your man!

Im currently living in Christchruch, New Zealand but I spend some time in beautiful northern Thailand. I can work remotely or I can travel anywhere in south east Asia - Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc. Just ask, I'm very flexible and open to new things.

Ideally I'm interesting in contract work for 3 months or more, but I'm happy to consider smaller projects or POC work.

My general experience is with pretty standard web applications on the Microsoft stack. The following tech turns me on.

  • .Net (Core and FX), generally with C#. Ive been doing that stuff since 1.0 beta.
  • Lately I've been doing a lot with Docker. It's the bees knees.
  • AWS inspires me to create massive systems beyond my limited budget. I like to swim topless through it's warm sea of services. I recently passed some of the AWS Certifications - Dev, Architect and Ops.
  • I used to do a lot of Azure work when it was pretty new. I try to keep up with it, but for me AWS keeps my busy. I can be turned back to the dark side if required.
  • SQL Server backends. Don't ask me to be a DBA but I can craft some pretty sweet procs and I know how to do a few nasty things with it.
  • I guess I'm more of a back-ender. I can create micro / web services in my sleep.
  • Every back-ender thinks they can do front end stuff too. I like to think I can make a pretty good front end. My tools of choice here are Angular (io, not JS), TypeScript, Material Design, Bootstrap and a slew of little things.

Heres a few things I've done lately.

Xero - Wellington, New Zealand

October 2012 - November 2017
While at Xero I worked on many things. I started there working on an internal CRM system. This system was largely my design initially and lasted for about 4 years before sales people started designing a 'better' system (ha!). I moved to the product team and worked on 2 main new features - one to do with invoicing, the other around tax calculations for a new market - plus a bunch of little things.

I had roles as a senior developer, a traditional technical team lead and less traditional people lead.

Aranz Medical - Christchurch, New Zealand

June 2011 - October 2012
Aranz Medical was a smaller operation in my home town. They produce a nifty hand-held 3d scanner for use in wound care and medical research. While there I was Team lead for 3 developers and 1 tester, working on a product suite of 3 major applications. I also would assist with support, do some development & tried to be a tester.

Intergen - Christchurch, New Zealand

June 2016 - June 2011
Intergen are a consulting business in New Zealand and Australia. During my 5 years there I worked on many projects for private and public sector businesses but some of the most challenging and rewarding work I did was for Microsoft, creating proof-of-concept system for new product releases. I became known in the local office as the person to give the hard stuff too. This included lots of SharePoint. Probably why I left... :)

There's more, but hopefully that is enough to whet your appetite.

Contact me on peter@jonesie.kiwi or @jonesienz (Twitter or Skype).